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Summer School 2011: Week Two - Basic Mapping Skills

Week Two - Basic Mapping Activities (June 20-24)

Monday –

Start with a prayer
Read scriptures together as a family

Opening exercise: In order to properly study geography…we have to be familiar with maps. After all, we have to know where we are going!!! We’re going to need the help of our trusty explorer friend, Columbus, again…

Make clues to locate Columbus…either as a Treasure Hunt, or with cardinal directions.

1.      Stand at tree with the rope swing. Turn to face East. Take 10 steps and look for a rock with a strange symbol.

2.      Turn towards the south  and go 20 paces. Turn to face West and walk until you reach something that is against the law to park in front of.

3.      Face North. Look for a flower the same color as the fire hydrant. 

4.      Turn East and locate a portal. Pass through the portal and into the dwelling. Continue North until you reach something on your right that ascends. Take the ascension until you reach higher ground. Look for a marker to give you further instructions.

(at the top of the stairs, lay out an arrow on the floor made of sticks pointing into the boys room. Make another arrow just inside the boys room pointing to a dresser. Hide Columbus in one of the drawers)

Vocabulary: Map, North, South, East, West, Compass, Key, Mile, Globe, Scale, Legend
J, S, B: Write each word 5x each      N: picture match w/words

Mapping Activity: Give each child a small treasure to hide within the house. On a sheet of white paper, have each child draw a map of the house and to mark the location of the treasure with an “X”. Also, have everyone write directions for how to find the treasure near the bottom or on the back of his map. Collect the maps, the redistribute them to the kids. Let them find each others treasures and keep them!!

Fun Snack: We’re going to decorate sugar cookies like Compass Roses today and eat them!!

Journal: If you could travel anywhere is the world…where would you go…and why?

At this point, we should be just about done for the day with our “lesson”. However…we are going to walk to the library, and when we get back, we will probably go swimming at the pool or have lunch first and THEN go swimming. After swimming, when it’s time to “wind-down” in the afternoon, we can have a time set aside to read…and watch the movie for the day. Then, if the kids want, they can practice Spanish. This will usually take place during a time of day that it is storming…so they will be good indoor activities to keep kids busy and engaged. I’m always trying to avoid the: “Momma, what can I doooooo?” .

Library: Walk to the library and have kids sign out books…everyone getting AT LEAST one on geography, traveling, or a country they are interested in.


Reading : read books from library. Or read from books on geography at home. Introduce Book Report activity for the week…the kids will have to create a “Story Treasure Map”…a map that looks like a treasure map and takes kids from point to point in the plot…

Movie: National Treasure

Computer : Everyone gets to study Spanish for their lesson

Tuesday –

Start with a prayer
Read scriptures together as a family

Opening Exercise:  Beach Day!! (no lessons today)

Movie (For Later in the Day): National Treasure 2

Wednesday –

Start with a prayer
Read scriptures together as a family

On Wednesdays, we’ll be cooking food from the countries we are learning about. Everyone will get a chance to help. Since there isn’t a specific country we’re studying this week, we’re going to just make a family favorite that goes along with today’s theme.

Opening exercise: Today we’re going to “pretend” to travel to Yaya and Papas house. To start, we’re going to play “Yaya Says”…make signs for outside that have all 4 cardinal directions. Have kids “travel” to Yaya’s by moving according to the oral directions given by Yaya. 

Mapping Activity: Complete Worksheets 1 and 3 in The Mailbox Theme Series Map Skills: Primary Edition. After Worksheet 3, present them with their own “map” of the kitchen. Have a clue for each child where they have to follow directions and the map to locate items needed to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Make cookies together.

1.      Enter kitchen from the North. Travel South until you see 4 plastic containers. Open the one that is the farthest East.

2.      One ingredient is kept in the only appliance on the North wall. The ingredient is oval, and breaks easy.

3.      Leave the kitchen and turn West. Go to the third storage unit, on the 4th compartment. Find 2 kinds of sugar, white flour, and Crisco butter sticks.

4.      Enter the kitchen again and travel South. Locate a cupboard above the counter. In the East side is a bottle of good-smelling liquid that tastes really bad.

5.      Turn West. Find an appliance that gets things hot. Inside you’ll find the BEST ingredient of all.

6.      Enter the kitchen from the North. Turn West and travel forward until you cannot walk any further. Look for a big, shiny bowl to mix everything in.

7.      Stand in the middle of the kitchen. Turn and face North. Walk forward about 8 steps and turn West. Find a shelf with cookbooks. Locate a paper with writing on it.

Cooking: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vocabulary: J, S, & B: Write definitions for each word using the computer or dictionary…help each other out!! 

N: Write each word in your best handwriting

Journal: What is your favorite thing to do when visiting Yaya and Papa? Tell a story about it.

Movie: Today is Dollar Movie Day at Regal…go to the movies!!
Ramona & Beezus or Yogi Bear


Reading: Special reading time…either individually or as a family

MORE Movies: Treasure Planet

Computer: Spanish Lessons

Thursday –

Start with a prayer
Read scriptures together as a family

Opening Exercise: Today we’re going to be PIRATES!!! Pirates were masters at reading maps…

We’re going to start by doing a series of activities from my Map Skills book…all about One-Eyed Charlie, the pirate. The activities are easy and fun…maybe challenging for Nicolette and Brigham, but WAY BELOW what Joseph and Savannah can do…that’s okay, because they can help their younger siblings with the work…

Worksheet Practice: Worksheets 1-5 on pages 43-48 in The Mailbox Theme Series Map Skills: Primary Edition

Language and Grammer: This is a fun activity from Family Fun…have the kids read the text and unscramble the words/correct the spelling, and copy it correctly into their binders.

Vocabulary: J, S, & B: write a fully structured and grammatically correct sentence using the vocabulary words. Be creative!!

N: draw a picture for each word on a 10-frame paper

Read How I Became A Pirate, and then…Journal: If you were kidnapped by pirates, how would you escape?


Reading : Special time set aside for reading, either individually or as a family.

Special Snack:  Make Pirate Treasure Trail Mix
  • ¼  cup Hard Tack (Life or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal)
  • 10  Creatures of the Deep (Swedish Fish)
  • 10 Peg Legs (small rod pretzels)
  • 5 Shipwrecked Bones (dried bananas)
  • 1 TBS Dried Scurvy Eyeballs (Golden Raisins)
  • ¼ cup Pirate Treasure (M & M's)
  • 10 pieces salted meat (chopped up Slim Jims)
  • 1 TBS Parrot Poo (peanuts)
Movie:  Pirates of the Caribbean

Computer :  Spanish lessons

Friday –

Start with a prayer
Read scriptures together as a family

Opening Exercise: I’m going to show you a word…and I want you to guess what it means:
(have this written on a large piece of paper) Cartography.

(give kids a chance to guess, and then tell them…)

Cartography is the science of reproducing all or part of the earth with as little distortion as possible. Since the earth is nearly spherical, a globe is the most accurate representation of the surface of the earth. Maps, however, are more practical since they are flat, portable, and less expensive to produce. Maps can also show a representation of the entire earth at one time.

A variety of different maps exists to serve specific needs. Political maps show the boundaries of governmental units such as countries, states, and provinces. Topographical maps (physical maps) show the shapes of landforms such as mountains and valleys. Transportation maps show highways, railroads, and airports, in addition to cities and points of interest. Economic or produce maps show the distribution of mining, manufacturing, and agriculture for a specific area.

Worksheet Practice: Miner Worksheets 1-5 on pages 35-39 in The Mailbox Theme Series Map Skills: Primary Edition

Vocabulary Test Today With Prizes For Correct Answers!!

Special Activity: Make a map for the kids to follow and have them go out and “dig” for jewels (Ring Pops) in the yard.


Reading: Special time set aside for reading, either individually or as a family.  

Movie: Titan A.E.

Computer: Spanish lessons

Book Reports: Present Book Report activity for the week…the kids will have to create a “Story Treasure Map”…a map that looks like a treasure map and takes kids from point to point in the plot…

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